This is Me

This is real, this is me, I’m exactly where-… ahem oh hello there random stranger!

Fancy meeting you here- in my little “about” page.

I didn’t expect you to actually check this out XD

But since you’re here I guess I’ll tell you a little thing about myself okay?

I’m _____- a ‘mysterious’ and random blogger in WordPress.

Ha ha, I’m sorry but it’s classified information- I’m currently trying to keep myself under the radar from the people who’re after me.

Okay I can hear your snickers and chortles! Or you’re most likely the shaking your head in dismay 😛

You can probably call me Snow if you like or pretty much anything to be honest.

I’m a seventeen year old girl who likes to spend her time on the net and decided to start a blog.

Blogging seems so much fun- so why not? It’s a great chance to enhance my writing skills and make new friends~


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