Fugitive Friday

Not entirely sure how I came up with that title…perhaps due to the influence of a fugitive Zuko and Iroh ha ha ( I’m such an anime nerd 😛 )

Today I was supposed to go to work, same goes for yesterday but I didn’t really go because:

  1. Tired
  2. Stressed
  3. Homework and other duties

First thing in the morning was the article news ( if you’ve read my previous posts and remember me mentioning an article that was supposed to be passed- it is the same XD ) I edited it and finally sent it to our editor.

The rest of the morning was spent on catching up on friends and whatnot on the net, and around 12:40 PM I started my trek to the location of a cosplay event- there were no available vehicles because there was a procession.

The sun was extremely high and super duper hot, the squeezing in with the people in the crowds didn’t help one bit. For the past years I never actually went out before during the fiesta until yesterday due to the required civic parade and today because I was planning on meeting with my best friend who was also a fan of anything Japanese.

Now I wasn’t entirely sure if my best friend would come since the mobile system connection went down- one couldn’t send a text message ( SMS ) at all, and to my surprise when I arrived at 1:05 PM there wasn’t a sign of any cosplay event at all.There was a food exhibit and boy was I pretty tired. Did I really came for nothing?

It was pretty hard to convince my mother to actually let me attend the said event >.< Thankfully I just proceeded with my backup plan and headed to the bookstore and glanced at the books( well what exactly was in a bookstore? 😛 )- just coming back home right after seemed a waste of efforts don’t you think?

I planned on going home at around 3 PM but when I went to the bathroom I saw two cosplayers in our cosplay group. ( How I managed to be part of the said group is another story :3 ) I wasn’t entirely sure if I would greet them since they hadn’t noticed me at first and mostly because I was also avoiding a certain someone who was also part of the said group.😂

Which could also be the reason why “Fugitive” works as a title- since I’m a person in hiding ha ha.

In the end I decided to say hi and joined them for awhile- though we kind of got separated and decided to meet at the event center since I was starving. I bought myself popcorn and a bottle of water before heading to the event center where the food exhibit was nearly ending.

One of the reasons I stayed despite my best friend not attending wasn’t due to the cosplay group as one might assume. It was due to a high school acquaintance- er not even sure if that person actually even qualifies for acquaintance ha ha.

You see during my junior high school, before I stopped for a year and then continued with alternative learning system; I participated in a cosplay contest at our school.

The person was one of those who asked to take a picture with me, and recently we’ve kind of talked thanks to one of those chain messages 😛

The person was attending as well and I’ve mentioned that I was going to watch as well to meet-up with a friend;it would be rude to go home immediately without even seeing each other right?

Ha ha so I pretty much stayed in my acquaintance’s group rather than the other group where I believe I should be ( even though I actually told them that I wouldn’t be attending -insert sweat drop- )

Well staying was still a good decision at the very least, I managed to get a free poster ❤ ( Of course not to mention that the Japanese pop singing contest and the cosplay event was really entertaining ^_^ )

Whelp, it’s 11:04 PM and that’s way past my intended sleeping time. I’ll be saying good night now~ Best Wishes guys! Have a great day/time wherever you are~ 🙂


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