Tortuous Thursday

For the past few posts I’ve been using the day it was written and an adjective with it as the title- same goes here. XD

Although I don’t readily know the meaning of that word and just saw it among the lists of adjectives starting with “T” ha ha. I was planning on using the word taxing but then saw this and voila~ a totally interesting title don’t you think?

Now I’m not sure if you guys already know the meaning of the word but the picture given might just help, even for a tiny bit.

Tick. Tack. Tick. Tack… ( On the clock- er ha ha )

Any ideas?

Tortuous- full of twists, turns, curves, or windings; winding; crooked
( )

So what happened today that made this day tortuous? Well besides all the twists and turns of the road during our civic parade ha ha.

You see today was another day of contemplation for me about how life gives you a lot of surprises in life. All of us have a backstory, stories behind that wistful smile, those perceptive eyes and our overall attitudes.

Most of the times we barely give that any thought, when we look at the new girl doing everything to fit in with the popular squad or that teenager acting like a jerk.

I admit that I often forget to remember that each and everyone of us sees things in life differently- whether in how they respond to it or literally :3 ( I can faintly remember reading in an almanac that what may be blue to me might be different to you )

Today I’ve managed to talk with a classmate of mine who also happened to be in the city scholarship guild as me- we were both surprised ha ha.

Usually I try to find a common interest that we’d be able to talk about, like shows that both of us had enjoyed ( particularly anime 😛 ), music ( *cough*K-pop*cough*), books or hobbies etc.

Yet to my surprise she didn’t really had much interest in pretty much anything of those 😂

Now I didn’t mean that she was a boring person- it was the complete opposite, we both enjoyed our conversation.

We managed to talk about our family background,dreams and goals ( a little sharing of crushes >///< ) of our future.

It was a nice change of pace compared to friends that I talk to about homework and what’s currently “in”.

It made me think more about my purpose in life and what’s the reason why I decide that I still want to wake up the next day. What do I wake up for per se?

I’m still a bit unsure of the answer to be honest, at times the thoughts of just not waking up the next day seems so appealing… ha ha.

Don’t worry though, I immediately take back what I think seconds later when I remind myself that if I don’t wake up then I won’t be living anymore XD and that life is a precious gift. ❤

I’ll be wrapping this up for now~ ^_^ Bye~ Have a nice day!


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