Wistful Wednesday

Running through the parking lot
He chased me and he wouldn’t stop
Tag, you’re it, tag, tag, you’re it
Grabbed my hand and pushed me down
Took the words right out my mouth
Tag, you’re it, tag, tag, you’re it
Can anybody hear me? I’m hidden under ground
Can anybody hear me? Am I talking to myself?
Saying, “Tag, you’re it, tag, tag, you’re it.”
He’s saying, “Tag, you’re it, tag, tag, you’re it.”

~ Melanie Martinez “Tag You’re It”

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been able to reminisce about the past, mostly just introspecting about the current issues and trying to think of a solution. Despite how the song doesn’t seem to have any correlation to wistfulness- the sound simply makes me even more reminiscent.

People often says nowadays to “Let it go, Forget the past, don’t let the past define you etc.,” yet there’s people who also believe that we can learn from the past. Like my previous history teacher always used to say, “Use your past to make a better future.” or something along those lines XD

My long term memory is a bit faulty, you see I have a little case of dementia. I honestly can’t recall whether something that happened actually did happen the previous year. Though that’s probably because of a “psychological problem” that also occurred during 2015.

Now I’ll make it clear though- you don’t have to worry about me having a split personality or anything ha ha. I’m pretty much recovered now that I started school last semester and that wasn’t really the case.

Thankfully I can still remember some pieces of information here and there-so I can be wistful that way.

I feel wistful of how things were so easier when one was younger…. Now would probably be a good time to hear:

Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol’ days,
When our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out ( lines from Stressed Out-Twenty one pilots)

When one looks into a picture of yourself when you were little, you would probably notice how innocent and carefree you were, how your eyes lit up and the sincerity of the smile displaying on your lips.

I really do wish that I could go back to how things were-when fitting in with the crowd wasn’t important, when it didn’t matter what you did as long as you’re truly happy, when you didn’t even knew what the so-called “love”was and was probably still trying to avoid cooties :3 when you fell down you could easily get up or count on people to be there for you.

Things are different now, I feel insecure and the urging to grow up ( mentally, emotionally, physically etc.) by the crowd is definitely is shouting.

Though there are (a lot of) times that I’ve regretted, words I wish had gone unsaid, some starts that had a bitter ending- there were lessons learned.

(Ha ha can you guess where that came from?)

One grows from experience right? So although you may be reminiscing- it would probably be nice to keep in mind that everything happens for a reason ^_^

Good night guys- we have a civic parade tomorrow 😂

Have a great day everyone~


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