Tiring Tuesday?

At first I wasn’t sure if I should use the word “tiring” for this Tuesday or just save it up for Thursday XD

But I’ll use it now, today was pretty tiring so it definitely deserves the word ha ha, thankfully I think my teacher won’t be present for our morning classes so that’s why I’m still awake 😛

Like I’ve promised to tackle the last day of our intramural- I’ll be doing it now :3

3rd and Last Day of Intramural ( Sep. 8 ):

I came to our university at 8 AM believing that the futsal event would start at that time- oh boy, guess it wasn’t a lucky day of mine…

It actually started at 7:30 AM ha ha.

Good thing I’ve managed to be acquainted to the student volunteers handling the event and managed to get input about what happened before I came.

After the event I planned on heading home 😂 but then dun dun dun- ooh you’ve got a text message~

The games manager in our department sent me a message asking me if I could come and be a substitute player for a game!

I was pretty hyped since I wasn’t able to compete in the sack race 😀
I participated in the Patintero game,also called Harangang Taga or Tubigan.(in English try to cross my line without letting me touch or catch you)

It’s a traditional game here in the Philippines ^_^

The game was tiring but fun~

In the afternoon I watched the Cheer dance competition and it was epic!  The dance moves were really nice but the stunts were simply breath-taking. ❤

Our rival college won the competition but they deserved it ^_^ ( Besides the fact that one of the performers is actually a guy in one my class that I have a little crush on =>.<= )

You might be thinking- wow, she has a lot of crushes! I’ll probably agree with you on that, but as usual that topic will be for another day ha ha.

Let’s continue on where we’ve stopped.

After the intramural, me and my classmates in P.E headed to one of our classmate’s house to practice for our Zumba presentation.

Let’s just say that my mother told one of my classmates that it would be the best if I was placed in the back part XD

Oh my just realized that it’s actually a Wednesday now ha ha, well I guess I’ll end it here~ Have a great day people 😀


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