A Lazy Sunday~

Today I don’t feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don’t feel like picking up my phone
So leave a message at the tone
‘Cause today I swear I’m not doing anything.

To be honest- it’s actually a Sunday night already at my country but to those whose Sunday’s just beginning have a great lazy day~! 😀

This day is pretty much relaxing – well as relaxing one can get before you realize that tomorrow’s Monday already.

But let’s not worry about that okay? At least for now ha ha…

I mean I could actually quote:

 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:43 ( New International Version )

But nonetheless I’m not sure if that’s completely applicable at this time and age. Well if we’re going to define it word by word then it’s really a good piece of advice; Worrying isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Thinking, planning and doing something for the future is a different thing though and is highly advisable.

Alright that’s pretty much a bias of mine- some people are more happy to go with the flow right?

I on the other hand absolutely love to plan and think about the future since it keeps my mind calm and collected.

I pretty much feel anxious if I don’t have my to-do-list or know what’s going to be the events for the day- even on days that I’m basically just going to do nothing, I still have to have it planned out XD

It’s a bit ridiculous huh? Although it seems ( at least I believe it appears) that I’m a person who’s pretty relaxed; a lot of people in real life always comment on how I take things quite seriously and funnily the wishes of a friend for me during my birthday last month was to lighten up.

Not sure if I actually appear that way here though, mostly because I can pretty much express myself more here ^_^ Yet I’ve already shared some of the things that keeps me busy if you’ve read my previous posts, like:

  1. Mantaining a balance between studies and extracurricular activities
  2. Mantaining a balnce between school and personal life
  3. Keeping myself calm,relaxed whilst goal oriented

As a university student who is also a scholar, I have to mantain a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3 to mantain my scholarship.

Recently though, just this July I made a “little” move that I still wonder if it was a good move. I’ve joined our university publication and at first it was fun. I got to meet new people and I even had an article published in our newspaper. We had some fun activities, like having a Skills Training in a resort and enjoying GD ( Group Dinners) after classes.

The little problem though is time management;writing and editing articles that keeps me up until the wee hours isn’t really appreciated by my body nor my mother. Nor is it really appreciated by me- especially since just the beginning of this month I had taken exams that I was unprepared for because of the article deadlines. I’m really cringing as I wait for the exam results.

Funnily, I’m still not done with that article ha ha.

There’s also another thing person that also consumed a lot of my time, but that’s for another day okay? ^.^

As promised, I’ll continue on what happened during the intramural last week from Sep. 6-8.

2nd Day of Intramural ( Sep. 7):

There was a futsal event that I was actually supposed to be covering during the morning but I didn’t go, why you wonder? I had an event during that morning 😀 I was going to participate in the sack race event- although compared to basketball, vocals, and other contests it really seems, I don’t know? But I was still hyped so you can probably guess how my feelings were when I discovered that I had been placed by the P.E department on Sipa Tekraw. I barely knew how to play that- it’s so hard!

(Sipa Tekraw/ Sipa in the Philippines)

Thankfully, the end result was that instead of four of us playing ( there were four girls of us in the group) only two were chosen to participate. It was a good thing that I hadn’t been chosen since our college/department won 😛 if it were me “uh oh”.

I just covered the morning game events and during the afternoon returned to futsal covering- albeit I didn’t manage to catch a glimpse of Mr.Soccerball player anywhere ha ha.

I was supposed to attend the LitMusDa during 6 PM and onwards and I had actually been in the stadium but I was completely weary- the crowd didn’t really help either. So after asking permission from the people in our publication I headed home, arriving around 7 PM. Now that seems like an ample time to have written a post right? You may be thinking to yourselves- but before it even reached 8:30 PM I was already sound asleep ha ha.

So as one can see, my schedule really keeps me exhausted; it actually amazes me that I even decided to start this blog ha ha 🙂

Not that I regret it or anything~ I feel fulfilled and content being able to write of things that pleases me and not just because it’s required by others. So this is a really good decision in my opinion, I just need to manage my time more efficiently. So I’ll be continuing this tomorrow- it’s late now at my place ha ha.

Talk to you guys later~ Have a wonderful day ❤


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