Hola~! Happy Fiesta~?!

Howdy~! It’s definitely been awhile- four days if my calculations are correct. Nope, it’s actually been five days- oh my I don’t know what’s more bothersome, the five days of no writing in this blog or the fact that I can’t estimate correctly ha ha.

Anyway I just dropped in to say hello~! ^_^ kudos to the cutie kitten that I found on the net (look up)  The Intramural is finally over, the fluvial procession in our city had passed yesterday and the incoming week is our fiesta~! So just for the fun of it- can you guess where exactly is my location?

Since I’ve already mentioned previously that I live in the Philippines it’s probably easier right? Ha ha no? Aw too bad, I’m leaving you there XD


Doesn’t that seem so exciting? ( Okay with that picture included, it should be way easier to guess right? 😛 )

To be honest, I don’t participate in fiestas or processions since my family isn’t Catholic Christian- and maybe even if I were, I wouldn’t be really the ones squeezing their way into hundreds ( maybe thousands) of people just to participate. -insert sweat drop- I’m pretty much a couch potato.

So I’m thinking on whether I should talk about the Intramural events or about the Fluvial Procession and Fiesta, perhaps I’ll tackle the Intramural event first so you can understand why I haven’t been able to post lately ha ha.

1st Day of Intramural ( Sep. 6)

I woke up at 4 AM and after performing my morning routine at that time still had to run all the way to school and actually came around 7 AM. ( instead of the 6:30 AM that I was supposed to be at the office of our publication.)

But guess what?

Nobody was actually present ha ha, it was just me and then one of our photojournalist who came around 7 AM. She was to cover the opening mass so I joined her ^_^

We had our opening parade around the downtown of our city, the opening ceremonies then the gimmick presentations of each colleges.

During the afternoon I observed the futsal games and thoroughly enjoyed it- well most of it.My eyelids were drooping and was still trying to be cautious of not getting hit by the ball.

I actually almost got hit- but was somehow saved by a student from another college, whether he intentionally did it or didn’t knew and just wanted to kick the ball(since he was a soccer player)- I couldn’t care less, I just knew that I was really grateful and absolutely smitten that time ha ha. 

Oh my… where is this article going to lead with an infatuated blogger as of now? I’m really silly when I have crushes- I actually took down the guy’s last name and no. that was printed on the back of his shirt >.<

Okay, let’s just move on (to myself: it’s for the best ha ha)

The last event that day was the battle of the bands, I wasn’t really planning on going but mainly decided to since I promised our editor that I would be mostly present during intramural…and because I would support a friend. *cough*

Okay that’s enough foreshadowing of a blog concerning “love”, well I should be labeling it as probably “complicated” though ha ha.

So let me just say that the battle of the bands ended late, and so did most of the events for the following intramural events that I’m pretty much sleep-derived right now ha ha.

Good thing it’s a Sunday tomorrow, I can finally sleep in 😀

I’ll be continuing the events during intramural tomorrow~ ( or maybe the day after that *sweat drop* )

*cough* Anyway-

Have a nice day everyone~!


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