First of all I’d like to thank the people who took time to read, like and even comment on my first post. You guys are awesome~!

To be honest, I shouldn’t have actually started this blog since it’s actually exam (aka hell) week ha ha -insert sweat drop-

Yet like most students when cramming reviewing for their exams, I’m also prone to get distracted and then voila~! You’ve got a blog!  

Since I’m already on the topic of studying let me tell you about my current educational pursuits- I’m a college freshman studying BS Accountancy ^_^

How is college life going? What about the course?

Oh let me tell you how I got into this mess,

In my country ( Tidbit: I’m from the Philippines~ ) it’s really important for one to obtain  a college degree if you want to get a good job.

Well  almost anywhere else it’s pretty much the same; but unlike most countries in the world we’ve just recently implemented the K-12 a few years ago. (Fact: Philippines had been the last Asian country to implement the K-12 and had been one of the only three countries worldwide with a 10-year pre-university cycle.)

So having a tertiary education is a big deal,especially to those who haven’t been covered by the Senior High School- since in the number of years of education that most have attained, we’re missing two years.

I’m included in those who didn’t experience Senior High School, and although it seems beneficial since I’ve skipped the usual 2 years- saving both time and money ( as well as trying to find a date for prom ha ha)  I’m still prone to feel that I wouldn’t really measure up to the global standards.

Now moving onto about the degree I’m trying to pursue- it wasn’t really much of my choice.

Though I’d like to say the same for most of those pursuing Accountancy ha ha- this is a translation from a Facebook post on Accountancy Problems:

Top 3 Overly Used Reasons When Asked Why You Chose Accountancy:

1. Parents’ choice
2. Your friend’s choice
3. You don’t have any choice

Accountancy is a course that I haven’t actually considered, I was planning on pursuing either AB Journalism,AB English, BS IT or Naturopathy ( highly unrelated courses except for the first two- I know ha ha)

It’s a pretty hard course to be honest , and during my first semester I was pretty stressed out. Thankfully I’ve adjusted a bit ( just the tiniest bit) and plan on finishing this course. ^_^

Besides, my primal astrology (Earthworm) says that I actually would work nicely as an Accountant. ( I’m obviously going to cover stuff about astrology soon ha ha )

So that’s pretty much it- I’ll be ending it at here. I still have to finish my problem sets and start studying for my exams. Wish me luck- I’ll be needing it 😀

Have a nice day everyone~!



59 thoughts on “Stu-Dying?

      1. I don’t really know, it sucks because I really want to read your works 😦 I live in the Philippines by the way XD but I’m not sure if it’s because of the location. Is your blog exclusive? I mean like it’s premium? Since I’m a bit new to here I still don’t know a lot around here *sweat-drops*


      2. No, I`ve had people from all kind of countries read my blog! Even people from Philippines have read my blog! No, my blog isn`t exclusive or anything – it`s “normal/ordinary”, hehe. 🙂


      3. Ha ha, it’s pretty silly indeed. ^_^ Aw thank you so much- I’m trying to start a habit but it’s really hard when you’re a college student he he. By the way… um, I’m not sure if there really is a problem with my connection to wordpress- since I’ve refreshed the page some times now but it still shows namemyvoice? >.<"


      4. Yeah, I feel you – it`s been hard for me ever since I joined university! But before I used to spend some time every week to make posts, so maybe you could try that out? 🙂 And I`ll check it out – I thought I had fixed it!


      5. Ha ha, and they say that college is much more relaxed. I’m curious though, what course/degree are you taking? Having classes 3 times a week sounds like a blast 😀 ( Obviously stalking right now 😛 ) That advice sounds like a great idea, I’ve actually realized that doing everyday blog posts isn’t necessary ha ha. You’ll check it out again? Thanks for your patience

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Haha, high-school was hectic for me. I`m studying social anthropology. I`m taking a bachelor, and I`m currently on my first year. 🙂 No, blogging every day isn`t necessary, but 3-4 times a week is my goal.You could try it out and let me know how it goes. Also, I just checked again and it should be okay, so I don`t understand why it`s not..? :/


      7. Wow that’s really neat! 😀 I’m also currently a first year ^_^ Yeah, high school is pretty hectic- I can remember myself carrying around 3 bags during grade 7, at least now I just carry around 1 heavy backpack . It’s good now by the way ( the link to your blog) ^_^ I’ll also let you know how it goes, I was actually writing one awhile ago- then my laptop just shut down >.< Thank goodness wordpress has saved drafts ha ha


      8. Yeah, I realised that my old comments contain the old settings. It`s all good now, finally!! 😀 WordPress is nice enough to save drafts, haha. All these different school systems really are confusing – what grade are you in now?


      9. I’m a first year college student on my second semester ^_^ I’m an “Oktuberian”- started college during the second semester, which is actually November here 😛 You’ve just started university last August right?


      10. Yeah, I joined university this august (08/2016) 🙂 And oh, we don`t really use the term “college” here, so I wonder how old you are? I can`t understand what college is in other countries, haha!


      11. Oops, thanks for pointing that out. You guys use university or tertiary level right? ^_^ I’ve recently turned 17 last month. Ha ha it is a bit confusing, though I believe it’s pretty much the same in the western nations- but here particularly in the Philippines (if you’ve read my earlier blogs) just recently implemented K-12 years ago. To be honest, I’m actually included in those who were covered by the new implementation- but because I dropped from high school (due to bullying) and pursued an alternative schooling system I managed to attend university at the aimed age when K-10 was still ongoing here- if that wasn’t the case. I’d still be in high school XD


      12. Okay, so we have kindergarten till the age of 5/6. Then primary to 7th, secondary till 10th, and 10th-13th grade is upper secondary school/high school. THEN it`s time for university or college. It`s up to you what you want. But if you join university/college right after high-school, you`re either 18 or 19. I`m still 18 as I`m turning 19 later this year. So I guess you`re 17 and “already” in uni because you dropped out? PS: I`m sorry that you were bullying. I know what it`s like. No one deserves to be treated that way. No one.


      13. Wow there’s a 13th grade?! I didn’t knew that, I thought it was only till 12th grade; but the age you entered the university is the same as those who studied only till 12th grade. You must have started out early ^_^ That’s correct, I kind of got “accelerated” because of the alternative learning system so I’ve saved tons of time ha ha. Thanks for the concern 🙂 I really appreciate it, things are better now that I’m in the university and I’ve got some good friends at my back. Bullying is pretty common nowadays- hope that you’ve recovered from bullying as well, if not feel free to talk about it if you’re comfortable.

        Liked by 1 person

      14. Haha, yeah, there`s a 13th grade! Ah, so we`re in the same boat, eh? That`s cool!! 😀 Glad to hear things are better. I would talk about it with you, but if you want to know more, I`ve written several posts about it. 🙂 Just know that I`ve recovered and that things are much better now.


      15. Ha ha, it’s certainly interesting to learn~ ^_^ Yep, bullying is pretty common but it’s really nice to know that we’ve both managed to overcome the struggles. Ha ha yeah I think I saw the posts- they’re in the Genius Hour if I’m correct?


      16. Genius Hour is a project I worked on at school – it talks about bullying in a more general way. I`ve written several posts (you could look up the word bullying in the search section, maybe?) about it, though, which I`d recommend more, haha. It`s sad that bullying is something many people go through in their lives, but I`m glad we overcame it. 🙂 It`s always nice to know you`re not alone!!


  1. Aww I wish you the best of luck on your exams. I’m a college sophomore studying journalism so I know exactly how you can get stressed out so simply. Just keep going and you’ll get that great job. Just keep doing you📚💯❤️

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